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"Healthcare is as only as good as the clinician delivering it"

Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Sports Therapy, Massage.

About London Health Hub

The inspiration behind establishing a London Health Hub came from the founder. After working in healthcare for many years he posed the question to himself: “If I were a patient, looking for the best, most appropriate health care for my health issue, what would I want to find?”. The answer that immediately came to mind was, "A health care clinic which looks beyond just pain and works on helping the patient return to a full and varied lifestyle".

An affordable, sustainable healthcare clinics

Our goal when setting us this clinic was to provide an environment where patients and clinicians feel valued and empowered to shape their own future. We provide a clean clinical environment as a priority which is continually being improved to meet the demands of modern healthcare. Our clinicians are at the core of our business and we work tirelessly to forge a long term clinical environment.


We believe that patient care should be delivered with compassion and understanding. We believe that the patient should be assessed as a whole and that lifestyle intervention is as important as pain relief. We will conduct ourselves in a professional and considered manor at all times. As hard as we will work to help someone we believe that it is essential that a patient will meet us half way and help themselves.



Our Goals are quite simple, we want to build a successful clinic focusing on patient outcomes and supporting clinicians in this very demanding role. We want to keep improving and innovating to provide affordable healthcare which also rewards the clinician for all of their hard work and dedication.



We want to broaden our clinic to 6 premises to server a central London location with exceptional facilities which include a diagnostic imaging suite, gym and physical exercise space

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