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Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sport Massage

Massage works upon every layer, through the connective tissue and muscles down to the deepest accessible layers. The aim is to change posture and increase movement by releasing fascial adhesions and chronic muscle tightening. Massage encourages the circulation of blood and lymph, and lengthens and relaxes the superficial muscles. It can also stimulate the action of peristalsis in the intestine. Micro-tears are created in the fascia which fill with elastin and collagen, giving more flexibility to the muscles. Stretching is important after a session, in order to retrain muscles and prevent a reoccurrence..

Please note

Only 1 Introductory Voucher Per Person.

Any second vouchers will be cancelled and refunded with an email notification. If you like us then please support us.

Please note - we are adding more well trained therapist to deal with the high demand so please check back frequently. Any existing patients wishing to re-book or book a new appointment please call 0203 109 0221. All vouchers must be booked online.